Stories and memories from our Alumni

Ronald then and now            



Ronald Nsuboga,     8 Years a member




I started at the age of 11 doing tap and steel pans and theatre school. I then over the years took part in the public shows whilst taking exams. At the age of 16 Theatre Peckham took small groups of us and helped us to create, produce and perform in our own show.   This was the kick start to what I want to do now which is not only to act but to create and tell my own stories and other stories.   I am (thanks to the help, through my Audition techniques class at Theatre Peckham) at RCSSD on the BA Acting Course and Collaborative and Devised strand. Training to be an actor and a theatre maker in my own right.


Malachi then and now 2




Malachi Green,  15 Years a member




I came to Theatre Peckham at the age of 5 (not out of my own choice). I lasted about 2 years and left. My leave lasted about a year or 2. I would say I came back at an age where living on an estate became harder because of what was going on around me. From that age to about 16-17 I was in and out of trouble in school and on the streets, I was heading into a bad place. Theatre Peckham changed my life simply from not giving me the time to be out doing silly stuff, I felt I was being raised by the staff. I completely switched everything around. The staff wasn’t teaches they became friends who I really felt cared about me. Everything I now do has been helped because of Theatre Peckham. I love it! Well I’m still here 15 years later.


Then and Now Ochuko




Ochuko Ogueh, 3 Years a member





I started when I was 15, at first I was shy so theatre pushed me out of my shell. I learned a lot of different things from dance styles to singing classes and acting on camera, which was great. Three plays I really enjoyed and stand out to me the most was ‘Totally over you’, ‘Ms Plug the Plummer’ and ‘Cotton Club’ I am really glad I was a part of them. The people and staff are a great collection of people who knew what they were doing which made the experience even better. Throughout the time I was there we did many dancing, acting and singing performances. It has definitely improved my confidence and helped with my interaction with people. A great experience, a great three years.


Rory Then and now




Rory Ogueh, 3 Years a member




I started going Theatre Peckham when I was in Year 10 in Secondary School. Theatre Peckham really help me gain confidence, social skills and many more things that changed for me thanks to Theatre Peckham. I was in ‘Mrs Plug the Plumber’, ‘The Cotton Club’ and ‘Totally Over You’. I have a lot of good memories from Theatre Peckham doing dancing, acting and all the shows and trips I went on. Overall I had a great experience at Theatre Peckham.