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Our commitment to our investment in Young People

The social and financial barriers that many local young people face to accessing the arts are getting ever higher. The impact of the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis poses serious challenges to those most vulnerable in our community, whose voices are significantly underrepresented in society. Theatre Peckham addresses this by providing a safe space for young people to be unapologetically themselves and express their individuality creatively, with as little barriers as possible.  Underrepresented voices are given a platform at Theatre Peckham through every faucet of our work, ensuring that they do not have any doubt about their ability or skill to access creative spaces. By investing in these voices, we ensure that our young people have the skills to pursue their chosen futures.

Our vision is to build a genuinely representative and inclusive society where everyone can participate in, lead, work in and enjoy creativity and culture. We are open to working with a wide range of companies that support our vision. Our partnership approach has a focus on inclusion, creativity, flexibility, and quality. From small, family-owned local businesses to start-ups, established brands and global companies, we pride ourselves on our commitment to develop quality relationships that support our local and artistic communities to thrive.  

We offer sponsorship opportunities and bespoke partnership opportunities, including:    

 Within these opportunities, we can benefit your businesses in ways including:

We look forward to hearing how we can support you and work together to empower young people in the arts. To find out more and join us on our journey, please contact Amy Hubbard, Development Manager on

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