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Every donation, however small, helps us to provide a platform in the heart of South London where every child has equality of opportunity to lead, participate and enjoy arts and culture.

Why support Theatre Peckham?

Theatre Peckham places excellence, accessibility, and inclusive engagement at the centre of its artistic offer. We are diversity-conscious and community-focused, delivering world-class creative learning and performance, with, by and for young people, accompanying them from the age of 3 until their first steps into a career in the creative industries.

Over the year, we work with around 30 schools and 400 families, delivering over 30 weekly performing arts classes. Inclusivity is at the heart of Theatre Peckham: 79% of participants define themselves as ethnically diverse and 24% are entitled to fee support due to low income. 

Our main goals are:

  1. Enable more children, young people and adults to learn and grow through participation in the arts.
  2. Provide a safe and creative space where relevant, resonant and impactful work can be created.
  3. Inspire and empower children, young people and our local community with skills and knowledge.

If you wish to make a donation towards a specific part of our programme, or an upcoming production please get in touch with Suzann,

If you are a business wishing to support us through a partnership please visit our Work with Us page.