Auditions for Extremism by Anders Lustgarten

Theatre Peckham are holding auditions to find 11 actors and one production assistant aged 17-22 for a 3-week run of this critically acclaimed play directed by SuzannMcLean.

Auditions take place on Thursday 5thSeptember 2019 @Theatre Peckham

Rehearsals: 14thOctober till 4thNovember 2019 daily 10am-4pm @ Theatre Peckham

Production opens on Tuesday 5thNovember 2019 @ Theatre Peckham

Last performance on Saturday 23rdNovember 2019 @ Theatre Peckham

Actors must be available for all the daytime rehearsals and performance dates (mixture of matinee and evening performances).

Each actor will be given a Bursary to cover their costs during the entire project.

Extremism is a highly-charged political play that looks into the of radicalisation of young people. The entire play takes place in a classroom and begins after one of the pupils has been taken away by the governmental organisation, Prevent, because the teacher believes them to have been demonstrating signs of radicalisation. The rest of the class are left alone, shell-shocked and the classroom soon becomes a melting pot for explosive opinions and actions. As they try to come to terms with what’s happened, surprise turns to suspicion, suspicion turns to fear, fear turns to accusation, and accusation turns to violence.

Theatre Peckham are producing this play in the heart of Southwark to encourage young people to make responsible, intelligent, life choices and to form positive attitudes about their future. 

All cast members will up-skill as actors and also be trained as peer facilitators and mentors to build skills and a creative toolkit for peer to peer exploration of youth crime, identity and mental health.


Chris               Playing age 16. Appearance Any (Black/White/Asian). Male. Worldly wise. Internet Savvy. Has read up on incidents of terrorism.   

Darren            Playing age 16. Appearance White Male. Opinionated. Ring leader. Risk seeking. Has learnt prejudice behaviour from his dad.

Evan               Playing age 16. Appearance Any (Black/White/Asian). Male. Witty. Wants to fit in. Thinks about food a lot. Naïve about modern day politics.

Jordan            Playing age 16. Appearance Black Male. Popular. Independent. Has the bravado of a player but is privately insecure.

Kirsty              Playing age 16. Appearance Any. (Black/White/Asian). Female. A  wallflower. Impressionable. Goes along with the crowd.

Melina            Playing age 16. Appearance White Female. Opinionated. Leader. Intimidating. Demonstrates signs of far-right behaviour.

Olive/r            Playing age 16. Appearance Any. (Black/White/Asian). Male or Female. Supportive of the underdog. Affected by their brother who has PTSD.

Rachel             Playing age 16. Appearance White Female. Mouthy. A Fan Girl. Sexually aware. Acts out by name-calling and labelling.

Samuel           Playing age 16. Appearance Any. (Black/White/Asian). Male. Character speaks in Klingon (language from Star Trek). Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

Suhayla          Playing age 16. Appearance South Asian or African Female. Vocal. Intelligent and worldly wise. Stands up for herself in a minority situation.

Adi                    Playing age 16. Appearance South Asian or African Male or Female. Introverted. Peacekeeper. 


If you are interested in auditioning send a Photo (headshot) CV and short covering letter to by Monday 2nd September 2019

Details for your CV

  • Any experience you have in performing
  • Any training you have had at drama groups/youth theatre/school
  • Your age
  • Where you live
  • Any skills that you have

Details for your short covering letter

  • This should be in the body of your email
  • Say which part you would like to audition for
  • Say why you think you would like to play that role
  • Say if you have any conflicts for the audition or rehearsals
  • Add anything else that you think is relevant for the director to know about you