February Half Term


Date: Monday 17th – Friday 21st February 2020
Times: Monday-Thursday 10 am -1 pm; Friday 3 pm – 6 pm
Age: 11-14
Cost: Usually £45 for 5 sessions, on this occasion the fee has been covered by King’s College London

Create, write, and perform your own play in a week about life in the future!

Utopia Now is a research project based at King’s College London. They want to find out more about the kind of society that young people want to live in. They want to know more about the hopes and concerns young people have for the future, and the role health and medicine plays in this future society. 

You will work with actors Mathijs Swarte and Gabrielle Quaye’s  and researchers at King’s College London to learn about performance and writing skills to have your voice heard on stage.

The first performance will be on Friday 21st February 2020, where we will be inviting researchers, inventors, and scientists to come and see what you have to say about the future.

*Young people that attend all 5 workshops will be given a gift voucher of £50 by King’s College London that can be used for future workshops and programmes at Theatre Peckham.


WILD ways of working – devising for Gen Z

Date: Mon 17 – Weds 19 February
Times: Mon & Tues 10-3, Weds 10-1
Ages: 13+
Cost: £15 for 3 sessions

In this 3 day workshop we will discover new ways of devising theatre that better represents the lives of Generation Z and younger. We are inspired by TicTok, YouTube and pop culture and will play with ways we can represent these online experiences in theatre. By the end of the three days we will have made some theatre together, learnt new ways of devising, and had a laugh along the way. Bring comfy clothes to move around in!



Date: 19th, 20th & 21st of February 2020 
Times: 1.30pm-3.45pm
Ages: 5-10 years Gender: Female
Cost: £15 for 3 sessions

A series of 3 workshops seeking to encourage children to explore drama and story through their own lives, experiences and imaginations.

The makers of their own stories, the children will work together through a variety of games, exercises, activities and improvisation that foster creativity. Harnessing their imagination, they will create fictional, imaginative worlds of magic, alongside building stories made up from the collective experiences they have had in their own lives.

The workshops will be run by a Peckham based director and filmmaker and an experienced youth theatre practitioner with a view to casting for an upcoming short film. The film ‘Moon Mountain’ will be created in South East London and centres around the story of two young girls, their lively imaginations create worlds of wonder, as they struggle to understand the real world around them.