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Five Pillars

An Introduction to Anti Racism

Training delivered online and in person


This interactive training workshop can be delivered as a half day or full day session via zoom or in person. Five Pillars introduces racism as a system of oppression and contextualises this both in the workplace and in wider society.

Diving straight into the deep end,
the session will explore what the five fundamental pillars of upholding racist structures are and the impacts that enacting them can have on ‘people
of colour’ – with a particular focus on anti-Black racism in light of the growing #BlackLivesMatter movement internationally.

The workshop will offer participants insights into what privilege is, what
it grants access to and how to utilise privilege positively. The one day training session also touches on the crucial difference between equality and equity when addressing inequalities in society.


Our Introduction to Anti-Racism workshop concisely examines not just what racism is but looks at where
it comes from, how we uphold this system of oppression on a day- today basis and what we can do to proactively challenge these notions.

Therefore, this session is open to all with an open mind, a willingness to confront their own normative views/ biases and, crucially, create space for those with lived experience of racism to share their perspectives without being challenged or silenced.

This session is ideal for those working in creative, cultural, private or public sector organisations at all levels within the business whether on full-time, part- time, fixed-term or freelance contracts – all will benefit from gaining the foundations of learning anti-racism.


By the end of the session, participants will:


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