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STUDIO SEASON: A Royal Central School of Speech and Drama production in association with Complicité Creative Learning.

FAHRENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury
Adapted & Directed by Catherine Alexander
Devised by the company

‘Our civilisation is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge’.

Ray Bradbury’s dystopian world is given theatrical life in this stylish and complex devised adaptation. Are we living the future that this iconic 1950s novel imagined? Are we plugged in to our virtual lives and losing perspective? Have we become Bradbury’s anti-social beings who never interact on a meaningful level?

This ensemble show uses immersive sound design and stunning visuals along with object manipulation to bring the tale of Fahrenheit 451 into collision with life in 2020. This classic story has never been more important.

Date: 22 – 29 Feb
Price: £10 / £8 Concession 

Adapted & Directed by Joyce Henderson
Devised by the company

‘When I was growing up… I never thought my life was narrow or my chances bleak… I opened the book and went through.’

Winterson’s first novel published in 1985, tells the story of a young girl, religious obsession, poverty, adoption and love. Since publication it has been found on the shelves of bookshops Cookery and LGBT sections, but can now be found onstage in this version devised and adapted by a new generation of theatre makers.

Set in the past and retold for today’s audience in which bible tales, life tales and fairy tales collide.  A tale told by a girl, full of sound and fury, signifying everything.

Date: 22 – 29 Feb
Price: £10 / £8 Concession 


The 7-piece Afrocentrics create progressive dance music played by musicians rather than computers. The Afrocentrics make a strong musical statement with their spellbinding afrobeat-funk-groves hybrid that create their mesmerising sounds of pure dance floor euphoria build around African rhythms that takes in jazz, salsa, reggae and adding a modern twist. Their forward-thinking music is gathering listeners who are taken aside with the Afrocentrics sounds and uplifting songs. Suitable for all ages.

Date: Sat 7 March
Price:£15/£12.50 (Conc)


Fear and Misery in the Third Reich

Brechts play premiered in Paris in 1938 and consists of a series of vignettes portraying National Socialist Germany of the 1930’s. Even though the play is over 80 years old the themes of poverty, violence, fear and pretence have never felt more present. In just over seven days the students of City Academy have worked tirelessly and passionately to bring these playlets up to date and imbue them with a new sense of urgency. We hope you enjoy the play and all the hard work and talent that the City Academy’s Actor Company have on offer.

Date: 9, 10, 11 March | 7.30pm
Age: 14+
Price: General £10



HFH Productions, in association with James Baldwin and Andrew Dawson, presents

If We’ve Never Been To The Moon?

Join one man’s quest for hope, sanity and his 250 quid! Journey with Noel on an adventure to the Moon and back fuelled by karaoke, gaming and love.”Thought provoking, nerdy and retro. Perfect combo! One of the best productions I’ve seen all year!” Greg Foot, BBC Radio 4. (Artwork Photography by Michael Wharlye)

Originally produced and presented by The Marlowe, Canterbury, and presented with their ongoing support.

The show integrates creative captions for D/deaf and hearing impaired audience members.

There will be a post-show discussion led by Dr Catherine Loveday (leading researcher in cognitive development at Westminster University), featuring filmed interviews with researchers from Westminster University, about mental health, substance abuse and cognitive development.

Date: Friday 13 March | 7.30pm
Age: 14+
Price: £12 / £10


HFH Productions, in association with James Baldwin, presents

The Naughty Fox

Snuggle up with comfy creatures: Honk, Splash and TaWit TaWoo as they teach The Naughty Fox a very important lesson: it’s better to share. (Artwork by Caleb Simmons)

“Just seen The Naughty Fox, it’s an absolute delight, a multisensory show for littleuns!” Maddie Moate, CBeebies.

Originally produced and presented by The Marlowe, Canterbury, and presented with their ongoing support.

Date: Saturday 14 March | 11am & 3pm ( a relaxed performance)
Age: under 5s
Price: £10 / £8


Naughty Fox Craft Workshop | £5 (parents go free!)

Seeing the show? Come along to our Naughty Fox craft workshop and get the chance to meet our storytellers!

There’ll be plenty of glue, feathers and other exciting things to play with so it’s the perfect way to get their creative juices flowing!

There are limited spaces for this workshop so early booking is highly recommended.

Saturday 14 March | 9.30am & 1.30pm


The Endz

The Endz: “the system rejected us when it should have protected us. This is our story”.

A powerful new drama bringing together original rap, spoken word and songs accompanied by a live orchestra, The Endz has been created by young people from Harris Academy Peckham with singers Abimaro Gunnell and Fran Lobo and theatre maker Paul Cree. It is produced by the award-winning Multi-Story Orchestra, which has been widely acclaimed for its ground-breaking orchestral performances at Bold Tendencies car park in Peckham

“the response was ecstatic, and it deserved to be” – The New York Times

Date: 24 March | 7pm
Age: 10+
Price: £6


The Adventures of Bo Peep

Watch the adventures of Bo Peep unravel as she tries to rescue her woolly friends! Counting her sheep always sends Bo Peep off to sleep by bedtime, but with no sign of them yet she’ll be up all night searching. Bo Peep needs you and your family’s help to save her little lambkins from danger in time for bed!

Audiences will be wowed by Knuckle and Joint”

A perfect theatre introduction for your little ones with an interactive story and sensory learning. Look out for a flock of woollen puppets, original music and sheep themed silliness.

Date: 16 April | 11am (relaxed performance) & 2pm
Age: 2-6
Price: Adult £10/Child £8


The Voices of Black Folk

Black Voices in Britain Before The Windrush” brings to life characters which show that Black people were part of the fabric of these islands long before the Windrush and long before contemporary historians would have us believe.

This production written and directed by Khareem Jamal-one the creators of Black Heroes in The Hall of Fame- focuses on the fascinating lives of Septimius Severus, Queen Philippa of Hainault & Ottobah Coguano, and a fourth The Priestess of The Silures.

Date: 16, 17, 18 April | 7.30pm
Price: Adult £20/Concession £10


Theatre Peckham

Crongton Knights

Life isn’t easy on the Crongton Estate and for McKay and his mates it’s all about keeping their heads down but when a friend finds herself in trouble, they set out on a mission that goes further than any of them imagined.

Crongton Knights will take you on a night of madcap adventure as McKay and his friends ‘The Magnificent Six’ encounter the dangers and triumphs of a mission gone awry. In this world premiere adaptation of Alex Wheatle’s award-winning novel, the pulse of the city is alive on stage with a soundscape of beatboxing and vocals laid down by the cast and created by acclaimed musician Conrad Murray.

Date: 22 April – 9 May
Age: 11+
Price: Adult £17/Child £13/Family £50

Live in Southwark? Adult £14/Child £10 – just bring some I.D


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