Past Productions

Jack and the Beanstalk

December 2019

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, mysterious things happening around Peckham.

Join us for a GIANT adventure this Christmas with Jack and the Beanstalk. In the estate where Jack lives there have been a series of break-ins. Even aspiring young detective Lucy is finding it hard to follow the clues. All is lost for Jack and his Mum until a mystical rapper Spot the Poet sets the adventure in motion with a bag of magical beans…

Will Jack save the day or will he end up in Steak and Kiddy pie?

Extremism by Anders Lustgarten

November 2019

Another newspaper headline, inciting hate and accusation. But what effect does the omnipresence of global terror have on our outlooks and beliefs? And how much is attributed to the media?

10 students alone in a room, after their classmate has been removed by the Governmental programme Prevent. As they react to the possibility he could have been radicalised, relationships are torn apart as the pressure to conform becomes sinister. What started as playful banter soon explodes into violence.

Our highly-charged immersive production of award-winning playwright Anders Lustgarten’s Extremism, and ask yourselves: why is it wrong to want to feel safe?

Junior Monologue Slam 

July 2019

Theatre Peckham was home to the very first #JuniorEdition MonologueSlam. 

MonologueSlam UK is THE industry showcase for actors, #JuniorEdition is exclusively for young performers aged 11-17. Following auditions and masterclasses, 22 actors are chosen to perform infront of an audience including an industry panel.

The evening was hosted by MSLAMUK favourite, Chizzy Akudolu and of course it wouldn’t be a London MonologueSlam without the hilarious Shoot From The Hip improv troupe!

Jarell Morgan Macrae won the 11-13 year old round, performing a monologue called Frog, while Louis Thresher took the 14-17 year old round title with Find Me by Olwen WymarkLouis was crowned our Overall Winner! Well done to both our winners!

Isobel Keeling and Iris Forster were both awarded Special Mentions by the judges. Isobel for her performance of The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde in the 11-13 year old round, and Iris for her performance of Hunt for the Wilder People by Taika Waititi.

‘Robin Hood: The Arrow of Destiny’ 

December 2018

Theatre Peckham

It’s been a long, hungry winter, and the villagers of Nottingham need a hero. As Maid Marian journeys deep into Sherwood Forest to find the arrow-shooting adventurer, there’s lots of thrills and surprises along the way.

A Christmas festive treat for all the family with a show packed full of comedy, action, adventure and songs. Written by Richard Hurford, Music and Lyrics by Rob Castell.

Forget the legends, forget the stories, this Robin Hood is real. 

‘Orlando and the Three Graces’

December 2016

orlando-front-a5-final-mint-green-002Christmas day can be chaos in most households, but when one family of furry felines mistakes a magic potion for perfume, it really puts the cat amongst the pigeons – there’s triple trouble in Orlando’s home and only Santa Claws can fix it!

Join Orlando and his kittens Pansy, Tinkle and Blanche on a spellbinding starlit journey north to get Santa Claws to bring back their mother and dispel their doppelganger dilemma. With only a barrel of haddock milk to sustain them and the stars to guide them, will these little cockney cats return with the only gift they really want this Christmas – the real amazing Grace!

Be amazed by the young people of Theatre Peckham’s performing arts courses, alongside a cast of professional actors, as they bring to life this beautiful vintage children’s story. With mice pies, ice-cream rivers and a magical snow globe, it’s the purrrrfect Christmas cats tale for young people aged 5 – 95!


‘Clown’ December 2015

CLOWN: Christmas 2015

An original musical theatre production based on Quentin Blake’s classic picture book, the children’s cast from Theatre Peckham bring the magical world of the CLOWN to life.

Clown is an illustrated storybook by Quentin Blake, telling the story of a group of toys, including a clown, who get thrown away by a nasty lady. Clown believes he is a real boy, unlike the stuffed animal toys and embarks on an adventure to save the other toys before the dump truck picks them up.Written & Directed by Teresa Early; music by Roger Goslyn.

’10 in a Bed’ July 2015

The moon10 in a bed front and the stars are out and the night is just too exciting for Belinda to ever want to go to bed – so when the Night People come they bring a host of magical surprises, and Belinda is in for a fantastic night. With a cast of Theatre Peckham’s child perofrmers, lots of songs, music, and familiar nursery rhymes, and friends from traditional fairytales Ten in a Bed is the perfect show for little one’s to get involved with.




‘The Magic Paintbrush’ December 2014

In this colourful, exciting production of an old Chinese tale, the talented children of Theatre Peckham’s performing arts programme joined with professional actors to produce a marvellous, musical tale of magic, with very many surprises!


Adapted and directed by Teresa Early from a Chinese folktale. Original music by Roger Goslyn.


‘Into the Forest’ December 2013

Anthony Browne’s book is brought to life at Theatre Peckham, travel with Bran through the forest and discover the secrets hidden within.

UK CoverHere you could discover just what’s hidden in the Forest…


Adapted by Teresa Early with Music by Roger Goslyn.


‘The Great Big Enormous Turnip’ Summer 2013


A musical adaptation of the classic story performed by the students of Theatre Peckham.Suitable for children 3 upwards and family audiences.


Adapted by Teresa Early with Music by Roger Goslyn.


Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl Christmas 2012


Michael Foreman’s new book published in September has been adapted for the young performers of Theatre Peckham and professional actors by Teresa Early and Roger Goslyn. 2 cast teams of 14 per team aged 8-18 are creating the magical world where our super-heroine Origami Girl takes Joey our poor newspaper boy on a super powered chase to confront the bullies who have stolen his newspaper money.


Adapted by Teresa Early with Music by Roger Goslyn.


The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Everyone LOVES Edward but can he learn to love them back?

A musical theatre adaptation of Kate DiCamillo’s beautiful story. Written and directed by Teresa Earl. Original music by Roger Goslyn.


Class Acts

Class Acts A4 front-page-001
Theatre Peckham – one of the UK’s most successful theatres for young people – celebrated their 25th anniversary with a one-off showcase of young talent in the West End. Class Acts is a wonderful selection of music, dance and drama performed by over a hundred children – a great mix of South London’s finest talents in the heart of Theatreland!



Dinosaurs and All that Rubbish

A musical theatre adaptation of Michael Foreman’s classic picture book. Written and directed by Teresa Early. Original music by Roger Goslyn.


They’re big, they’re green, and they’re dancing in Dulwich and stomping in Southwark!   Join us for a reptilian revolution aimed at cleaning up the Planet, adding rocket-fuel to your Christmas celebrations.

When a little fat man decides to travel to Paradise, he has to invent more and more elaborate machines on the way.  The poor Planet ends up littered with rubbish so all the dinosaurs and children join together to stop him destroying everything that’s green!

This revival of one of Theatre Peckham’s most popular shows ever is part of our 25th Anniversary programme which will run throughout the coming year.

For all ages