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Theatre Peckham

Love Thy Fro: The Musical

“School photo day is coming up and Kemi has a crisis – her hair isn’t right.

After many failed attempts to try and tame it, Kemi goes on an unexpected journey to the 1970s where she meets a familiar face and discovers there is something deeply special about taking pride in her big, beautiful afro hair.

The question is – will she get it right in time for photo day?

An adaptation of Casey Elisha’s debut children’s book, Love Thy Fro: TheMusical teaches there is much pride to be had in loving the skin you’re in.”

Thursday 17th October – 10.30am & 1.30pm
Friday 18th October – 7.15pm*
Thursday 24th October – 11.00am & 2.00pm
Friday 25th October – 3.30pm & 7.00pm
Saturday 26th October – 11.00am & 2.00pm

Ticket Price: £12 / £6 












New Perspectives presents 


by debbie tucker green
directed by Jack McNamara

Welcome to the Caribbean. Where the sun is hot and the living is uneasy.

Meet three women. An unlikely trio. Different ages, backgrounds and attitudes. Each has a unique relationship with the island. A home. A regular holiday haunt. A first time visit. Through language that fizzes and sparks, we begin to discover that they share one surprising thing in common.

trade was first performed in 2005 by the Royal Shakespeare Company, New Perspectives in association with The Brewery Arts Centre brings debbie tucker green’s distinctive voice to regional audiences.

Contains strong language.

New Perspectives is supported by public funding from Arts Council England.

Dates: 17 October | 7.30pm plus post-show Q&A
Ticket Price: £12 (£10 concession)
Age: 14+


Gear Up! LVGO October Concert

We are a brand new ensemble dedicated to bringing the awe-inspiring world of video game music to wider audiences in exciting new concert formats. We’ll be bringing music and gaming fans to game music from all over the world – all whilst re-writing the rules of the ‘live concert’.

This October’s theme will be horror and dungeon just in time for Halloween! Expect musical scores from Dead Space, Until Dawn, Bioshock, World of Warcraft, Zelda and more!

Dates: 19 October | 7pm-9pm
Ticket Price: £15
Age: 16+ (Features some horror in the videos being played in the background)



56 Black Men Live

A concept where storytelling meets performance and the arts, ‘56 Black Men Live’ echoes the original campaign in its pledge to positively spotlight black men. Hear from some of the 56 men and enjoy performances from our guests.

56 Black Men is a liberating social enterprise founded by Cephas Williams, which has been challenging the negative stereotypes surrounding black men by amplifying exceptional achievement within the community.

Join us for the ‘Live’ launch with an evening of real conversations and raw talent in our steps towards changing the narrative forever. 

Follow us on social media for event updates and to support the movement: Instagram @56blackmen Linkedin 56 Black Men

Date: 20 October
Age: 15+
Price: £25 (Early bird £15 General £20)







by Frantic Assembly

Frantic Assembly’s Ignition is back for its 11th Year! We have chosen a dynamic group of 12 young men from across the UK who have formed our Ignition company and created a devised show through a one-week intensive rehearsal period. Join us for an evening to watch this performance and celebrate the Ignition 2019 company.

Date: 31 October & 1st November
Age: 14+
Price: £5













PrayerFlow London presents a Gospel Musical production, ‘The Red Dress’ which features an all female cast. With twists and turns the play takes you on a journey of a mother (Angela), whose relationship with her 17 year old daughter (Leteisha) runs into issues, as Leteisha starts to date an older man. Whilst Angela turns to her prayer group for help, is she being completely honest about why she is overly protective of her daughter? Everyone has a secret, but how long will it stay that way? Come to sing, laugh and possibly cry, whilst the story of love, betrayal and pain unveils.

Date: 2 November, 2pm & 7pm
Age: 13+
Price: £25












Extremism by Anders Lustgarten

Why is it wrong to want to feel safe?

The police just took Jamal away. Because Miss Tomlinson called them. Because she had to. Because of Prevent, and now all that’s left is a shell-shocked class.

A play about fear, friendship and the creeping polarisation of our society. Join us in the classroom and pull up a seat.

Date: 5 Nov – 23 Nov
Age: 12+
Price: £12/£10



The mysteries of the Pharaohs have been unlocked in Menelik Shabazz’s latest documentary/drama. The film challenges the ideas that many of us have about the Pharaohs. They were highly advanced spiritually to a level that baffles many. Through conversations with the Pharoahs and Queens from the spirit world we understand how the pyramids were built and their inner world that created them. Never before exposed to our world. In this film the spirit world meets history with a touch of afro-futurism..

Contributors: include Neferatiti Ife, Dr Onyeka Nubia, Mfundisi Jhutyms, Priest Heru Ankh Ra Semajh Se Ptah, UK / 2019 /98mins. There will be Q&A with the Director

Dates: 8 November | 7.15pm
Ticket Price: £10.00
Early bird £8.00 before 31st October



TEDxPeckham aims to connect people who have innovative approaches to life and to create a platform to embrace and acknowledge the ever-changing people of Peckham.

Home doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. For some, it’s a sense of belonging in your own body and for others, it’s a far away country that you no longer live in

People find homes in different ways and in different places. Home is always changing.

This year, TEDxPeckham discuss the ideas of home, what it means to you, where do you find it and how do you find your way back again.

Date: 10 Nov | 1pm – 7pm
Price: £28


Jack and the Beanstalk

Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum, mysterious things are happening around Peckham.

In the estate where Jack lives there have been a series of break-ins. Even aspiring young detective Lucy is finding it hard to follow the clues. All is lost for Jack and his Mum until a mystical rapper Shot the Poet sets the adventure in motion with a bag of magical beans…

Will Jack save the day or will he end up in Steak and Kiddy pie? Join us for a GIANT adventure this Christmas.



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