Ignite All Female Dance Company

IGNITE is Professionally Funded, All Female Dance Company.

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💥Grow leadership & team work skills
💥Collaborate as a team of talented female performers
💥Work towards a summer showcase

As a company you will come together to learn, devise, collaborate and create a multimedia performance led by you! Through the course you will work towards a Summer Showcase attended by friends and family and a host of industry professionals.

This unique opportunity will allow you create your own pathway and understand your passion for dance, learning the key skills to not only perform on stage, but also on screen.

CTC Dance Company in action

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When I walk in through the doors I know I don’t need to change my personality or who I am, I can just be myself… I’ve learnt to always be myself no matter what I am going through and have found a home away from home’ Theatre Peckham, Young Person  

Being part of Industry Ready (project) has not only improved my fitness and dance but it’s helped with my headspace as well. I now take time for myself and am finder to myself. Chris is so fantastic and really tailors the course to each individual person which I absolutely love and what I’ve always felt I was missing in courses like this’ CTC, Young Artist.