Lockdown and Me Podcast

Lockdown & Me is a new, one-off podcast by Theatre Peckham that brings together our young creatives, artists and members of our community to share their feelings, fears and hopes for a future post social isolation.

‘The entire fabric of the universe as we know it has just slowed down, and so my brain has slowed down too’

The impact of Covid-19 on the arts sector and beyond will bring unpredictable and unprecedented change to the industry; Lockdown & Me amplifies the voices who are currently left out of this conversation and shares the responses of the individuals who will inevitably be affected by the health crisis most. Featuring TP Academy members, our freelance delivery team and associated artists.

“I am hanging on in hope”

Led by multi-award winning poet Ragz-CV, our young people have also created individual and collaborative response pieces to Lockdown & Me as part of our Rye-Ting spoken word sessions. You can catch some of their work within the podcast and read the poems.

With thanks to our contributors: Alfiah Brown, Aliyah Hasinah, babirye bukilwa, Hamza Ghafoor, Luis Gustavo Monae Robinson, Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu

Thanks to Lateisha Howell, Jayda David from our Rye-ting Spoken Word sessions 


Produced by Hana Rage for Theatre Peckham