Peckham Previews Youth Festival



By Writer and Performer Keisha Thompson
Moonwhile – a spin-off from the award-winning, Man on the Moon theatre show. Keisha Thompson presents a collage of sounds, samples and spoken word. This poetic performance brings a new focus to her relationship with her reclusive father.

Dates: 15 July | 6pm (40 mins with 20 min Q&A and book signing)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 11+


Reading of HEART

Written and read by Jade Anouka

That person
That one
That got away
That missed their moment
That ‘what if’
That ‘what would’
That we know
That we hide
That we can’t’

Based on a real journey of the heart this work-in- progress one-person show uses poetry to tell a story for all those who have ever felt ‘other’.

‘I wish I was bolder
I wish I was braver
I wish I was honest with you
I wish I was fiercer
I wish I was fearless
I wish I could say I love you’

Dates: 15 July | 8pm (45 mins)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 12+



By Hannah-Louise Batt and Orange Skies Theatre

Two women, paralysed by tasks of a lifetime. For one, it’s the dissertation she never completed; the other seeks to build the home she never had. In this space, they can fill the void. All they need is you.

10,000:HOME looks to explore the millennial ache for success, and the loneliness behind the myth of making it on your own. In an age where young people are increasingly pitted against one another to survive and thrive, we are in need of collaboration over competition; community over cruelty. 10,000:HOME empowers audiences to realise their capacity for care-giving, and recognize their place in building a kinder world.

With non-linear storytelling and an interactive performance space, this show is a hopeful look at care, support and community, encouraging audiences to work together, search and discover, be playful, and commit the ultimate act of generosity: losing themselves in the needs of others.

Dates: 16 July | 6.30pm & 8pm (30 mins)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 12+


Individual Medley

Written by and Performed by Katrina Quinn 

Q. What happens when you move a 12-year-old from Basingstoke to Zambia?
A. She swims.

Katrina Quinn brings her mesmerising coming-of-age show to Peckham following an award-nominated run at Brighton Fringe.

Individual Medley blends poetry, storytelling, physical theatre, swimming lessons, and a little early 00s R&B in a touching and funny cross-cultural memoir.

Swimming inspires the rhythm of the poetry, the movement of Katrina’s body, and the vivid and vulnerable moments she welcomes the audience into.

Teenage Katrina slowly and awkwardly learns to adjust to a new culture, new music, new dance moves, her changing body, and changing relationships. It’s a story about learning to fit into your skin and about finding a sense of home, no matter what place you’re in.

“Deserves an audience” (Broadway Baby)
“Thoroughly absorbing” (The Cornishman)
“Perfect poetic style” (The F-Word)
“Her physical choreography is stunning. The whole piece is half dance, half body-as-cursive-script” (Apples & Snakes)

Dates: 17 July | 6pm (1 hour)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 11+


BattleActs! Improv Comedy

by BattleActs!

Winners: People’s Choice Award Vault Festival 2017

As heard on BBC Radio 1. A ball-busting compere takes four improvisers to their physical and mental extremes in a series of games designed to test their wits and bodies. You get to decide who’s worthy and win the ultimate prize: your respect.

It’s a high-octane mix of impossible challenges and incredible feats of daring. The teams contort their bodies, fight invisible giants and create jokes on the spot all climaxing with a terrifying audience vote. No two shows are the same! Expect big laughs, big cheers and good times.

In a league of their own” ★★★★ Fringe Review

Independent on Sunday Top 10 Comedy Acts in the UK

Dates: 17 July | 8pm (1 hour)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 10+


Deep Cuts

Written by Catherine Palmer and Jeremiah Muguwe
Concept by Marin Distafa
Devised and performed by Y&T Rep Company

Kane, is a bright, aspiring young rapper with the whole world ahead of him.
When the whole world is taken from him.

Deep Cuts explores young people’s relationships to the themes of health, race and inequality. Y&T Rep Company have spent a year researching these themes and devising a performance responding to them using spoken word, rap, physical theatre and naturalism.

This production focuses on the impact of austerity on the NHS and role in increasing youth violence in London, particularly knife crime. The production questions the ways youth violence is represented and how young people are understood in society as their spaces, education and future opportunities are cut. It asks how these circumstances contribute to facilitating youth violence and how we can break the cycle of hate in London.

(this show includes some trigger warnings, please contact us for details)

Dates: 18 July | 7.30pm + post show Q&A
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 12+



by Theatre Peckham Artists: In – Residence
and d’bi.young anitafrika – Director of Theatre Peckham Artist-in-Residency program

Triggernomics is a multimedia live performance and film showcase curated by Theatre Peckham Artists-in-Residence – stage managed by Fatima Duke-Pratt – that explores the entanglement of race, class, gender, sexuality, ability and mental health within the Black community.

Barefoot’ by Rhoda Amma Arthur is a montage of scenes that follow a young woman in her pursuit to hold others up during their time of crisis.

‘Core’ by Vanessa Okeowo is a film about anxiety and lack of communication as seen through the eyes of a father & son.

Prague’ by James Price is the story of a young man who experiences the debilitating effects of psychological trauma, who then uses it to improve a familial relationship.

‘It’s A Hard Work Life’ by Mary Sesay looks at the bond between two sisters and the and comfort their relationship can bring when things get tough in a dog eat dog world. Explores themes of micro aggression at work. 

Pretty for a Dark Skin Girl’ by Ore Solesi is a story about a young Black woman who goes on holiday and experiences colourism.

Dates: 19 July | 7.30pm (90 mins)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 14+


World of Stories

by Amari Harris 

There is always room for a story that can transport people to another place.

Come along and be transported to different lands, cultures and ideas through the power of storytelling.  Audiences will hear tales about tricksters from Africa, tigers in India and dragons from China without having to leave your comfy seat.

Anyone can be a storyteller. Listeners will be encouraged to jump into tales to become an ogre, giant snake or even a tree (a very magical tree).

Together let’s explore ‘A World of Stories’.

Dates: 20 July | 11am (1 hour)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 2+


The Awakening

Written by and performed by Faz Shah

A young Muslim man wakes from a nightmare and decides to pray his morning prayer before sunrise. He misses his chance by being distracted by his phone. By missing his prayer strange things start to happen on his journey to rediscover his faith on stage. Child friendly, mime, physical theatre, original soundtrack by Faz Shah and written to accommodate the struggles of young British Muslims. Deen vs Duniya.

Dates: 20 July | 1pm (30 mins)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 5+


This Queer House

Written by oakley and presented by OPIA Collective 

This is a love story. This is a queer love story.

A couple build a home together, plan on raising a child, create a family. There’s just one thing they’ve got to do first – tell their friends.

Leah, a successful academic, becomes pregnant with the help of a gay friend. Oli, a noted artist begins to navigate & document their transness & their changing body. Together they have been known publicly as lesbians, but when that changes they begin to ‘pass’ through the world as a heterosexual couple. A deep rift opens between them both & the outside world.

This Queer House is a play which reflects the seismic shifts that social change has brought for queer people, alongside the persisting seduction of ‘normality’. Asking what it means to be ‘radical’ or ‘assimilatory’ and questioning how helpful either of these terms are. A play about family-making, the problem of community and the responsibilities that come with those we come to call family.

Dates: 20 July | 5pm (1 hour 30 mins)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 15+


Sweet Like Chocolate Boy

by Playback Drama 

“You ever look out of your estate and feel like there is something…beautiful here…but nobody’s happy enough to see it?”

Mars is a street-smart, enthusiastic, lyrically saturated man-on-the-edge. Bounty is a very quiet boy in a very loud borough with a new politically charged black identity swirling around him.

As their worlds collide, can they find their place in these times or will they get chewed, swallowed and digested by it?

Returning from a sold out run in London’s Jack Studio, this two time Offie-nominated show examines the spirit of revolution whilst celebrating black British culture from the 90s onwards.

Dates: 20 July | 7.30pm (2 hour plus interval)
Ticket Price: £12 (£10 concession)
Age: 15+


Clowning Workshop

with Stickyback Theatre
Learn how to inspire joy through laughter using Clowning. A hilarious 2 hour workshop aimed at young people who want to have a lot of fun. You will learn to discover what makes you funny, hone your skills and practice making an audience belly laugh! With Stickyback Theatre. 

Date: Sunday 21 July | 11am – 1pm
Ages: 7-12
Price: £5


Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content

Written and Performed by Luke Rollason

Luke Rollason’s Infinite Content sees the rubber-limbed physical comedian go digital and merge with the internet. Imagine a slapstick Black Mirror performed by the lovechild of Mr Bean and Inspector Gadget, but with advert breaks.

Delivered in a box by Amazon, Luke is the funniest algorithm of all time, on a mission to be more entertaining than the internet. It’s clown versus the web, as we enter the cloud and tumble through communal videogaming, spam-calls, spot-on printer impressions and an upgrade to comedy that sees the audience’s attention span control the show. Switch on your phones, and switch off your brains – it’s the entertainment grudge match of the century.

Infinite Content is a disorientating, entertaining and surreal sensory overload – just like the internet. It’s the most addictive comedy show ever.

Dates: 21 July | 6pm (1 hour)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 14+


Here We Stand

by Saffia Kavaz, Aisling Towl, Maheni Kay

Here we stand to ask you…

Can you hear me through my name?

Three poets. Three voices. One word.

Here We Stand is an exploration of identity, featuring spoken word from three women. Saffia Kavaz, Aisling Towl and Maheni Kay, scratch pieces of new writing touching on how we navigate through society in a time where our identity is placed centre stage.

Dates: 21 July | 8pm (45 mins)
Ticket Price: £5
Age: 12+


I’ll Take You to Mrs Cole!

A Complicité Associates and Polka Theatre co-production
The 1980s! Ska music pulses and young Ashley creates havoc by getting lost in a wild, imaginative world. When Jedi battles and forest adventures go too far, will their hard-working mum resort to the scariest threat of all?
A nostalgic trip for parents and a funny and anarchic show for children, accompanied by an original ska soundtrack and stunning video animation.
Based on the book by Nigel Gray and Michael Foreman
Adapted and directed by Complicité Associate Catherine Alexander

25 July | 7pm (1 hour)
26 July | 6pm (1 hour)
Ticket Price: £10 (£8 concession)
Age: 7+