Shows and Events

Academy End Of Year Showcase: By The Lakeside

Wednesday 3rd July 2024
5:30pm – 6:30pm

About the show

From Jemima Puddle-Duck and her friends dancing around the ponds of Camberwell, to mutated swans fighting for territory in a post-apocalyptic world, the Ballet Showcase explores the range of worlds inhabited by our winged friends. This show unites six ballet classes ranging from the ages of 3- to 16-year-olds, spanning all the way from beginners to advanced ballet. Enjoy a range of abilities and ages in this enchanting land, showcasing the talents of our students.

Classes involved include

Monday Ballet Academy Beginners (3-5)

Monday Ballet Academy Advanced (8-16)

Wednesday Ballet Academy Beginners (5-8)

Wednesday Ballet Academy Beginners (9-12)

Wednesday Ballet Academy Intermediate (8-16)

Saturday Ballet Academy Beginners (3-5)