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Peckham Fringe: BANGTAIL

31st May & 1st June

About the show

Baddest Cowboy Texas. These are just a few words to describe the Baddest Cowboy in Texas. He roots n’ toots n’ rides from the highest mountain to the booziest saloon. That’s his God-given purpose. But what happens when a Badder Cowboy-er Texas-er (AKA his nemesis) rides into town and steals his title?
Saddle up for this wild cowboy clown romp, following Alan, a man in search of his manhood, from the desert to the desk.

Age Guidance: 16+

Content Warnings: N/A

Running Time: 55 minutes

Location: Studio 1

Meet The Cast

Lil Wenker as Performer

Meet The Creatives

Lil Wenker – Co-creator

Cecily Nash – Director