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Before I Go

30 - 31 May
2pm, 7:30pm

About the show

Ajani can talk about anything but his feelings. He has become oddly skilled at withholding his truth and hiding it in confetti – mostly jokes and long-winded analogies. At the peak of his emotional build-up, he is met by a mysterious character called ‘MESSENGER’. ‘Messenger’ informs him that unless he learns to truly communicate, he will be stuck forever in a state of ‘nothingness’. From his underlying desire to reconnect with his loved ones, he experiments with spoken word, movement and song.  Ajani must learn to express himself before it’s too late. 

Running Time: 45mins


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Meet the Cast

  • Tobi King Bakare - Ajani
    Tobi King Bakare

Meet the Creatives

  • Ozioma Ihesiene - Director
    Ozioma Ihesiene