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15 - 17 May

About the show

A nostalgic coming-of-age story that plays on the see-saw of responsibility and freedom.

Tyler and Yaz are the bestest of friends. They’re 17 going on 18, and are stuck in that awkward part of life where they are no longer children, but not yet accepted as adults.

One evening, Yaz reveals to Tyler that her mum has disappeared and in her place, left £1,000.

Yaz tries to come to terms with the fact her mum is probably never coming home, whilst Tyler decides that the best thing to do is to splash all the cash and throw a party.

Cast and Creatives:

Written by Hannah Blaine
Directed by Lilla Kaputa
Tyler played by Felicity Moore
Yaz played by Hannah Blaine

Age Guidance: 12+

Running Time: 45mins

Meet the Cast

  • Felicity Moore - Tyler
    Felicity Moore
  • Hannah Blaine - Yaz
    Hannah Blaine

Meet the Creatives

  • Lilla Kaputa - Director
    Lilla Kaputa
  • Hannah Blaine - Writer
    Hannah Blaine