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Hair That Defies Gravity

1st & 2nd June
1st June - 7:30pm, 2nd June 3:30pm & 7:30pm

About the show

Somewhere beyond London, though it feels like London – There is the Golden Ori Hair Salon. It is run by Ifeya, who injects her salon chairs with love, so that if you have the pleasure of sitting in one of these chairs, it opens you up. It is a lyrical play that explores the relationship between roots within the hair and what is rooted within beauty culture. In HAIR THAT DEFIES GRAVITY, we are introduced to a tangled knotted web of female’s lives. Women from all ages, cultures and generations find themselves in this hub of love – yes, even a white woman – They are welcomed by her and her daughter Abidemi, who is on her own journey of discovery. In a day, the women’s lives become intertwined and altered forever. The chairs reveal world-shattering truths, form new bonds and create family. The women are all searching for something – Or rather someone- When they find her, things uproot and fall apart. This is a play about connection, where we find sadness and beauty co-exist.

Age Guidance: All Ages

Content Warnings: Beauty Standards, Reference of Death, Abuse.

Running Time: 1 hour

Location: Main Theatre

Meet The Cast

Joy Adeogun – Abidemi
Theresa Albano – Ifeya
Ella Ashton-Shaw – Shade
Ahadi King’Ori – Hope
Emefa Owusu-Cole – Ama
Polly Waring – Ruth

Meet The Creatives

Ozioma Ihesiene – Director
Joy Adeogun – Writer
Angela Okafor – Script editor
Mya Onwugbonu – Assistant Director/Musical Composer
Temitope Idowu – Movement Director
Ezra Mortimer – Lighting Design
Arianna Muñoz – Sound designer
Princess Olowogboye – Marketing Manager
Bernice Leigh – Graphic Designer