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Mammy Be Grand Workshop

28 May

About the show

e Chéile is a free pre-show 1 hour workshop aimed at Irish women and non-binary people who are attending Mammy, Be Grand as part of Peckham Fringe.

Mammy Be Grand – Theatre Peckham

Le Chéile’s mission, like its names meaning, is to bring people together and exists to provide spaces of exploration and expression for female and non-binary migrant artists. Le Chéile aims to put participatory theatre at the heart of every step of the creation process building connection, community and fostering creativity.

This workshop celebrates the Irish community and connection abroad and puts participants at the forefront of the conversation surrounding mass exodus and through creativity.

This workshop will invite you to engage in exercises encompassing movement and freewriting through the exploration of themes and imagery from Mammy, Be Grand and be part of the evolution and onward journey of the show itself.

Please call the box office on 0207 708 5401 to book your free ticket