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NT Connections Festival: Replica

19 March 2024

About the show

Something happened on the school trip. One of the class has been replaced by an exact replica of themselves. At least that’s what everyone’s saying. Once a rumour starts, it can be difficult to remember what is real – or who. Convinced that there is an impostor walking among them, a group of teenagers is determined to root out the intruder. A mystery about friendship, the nature of truth, and humanity. When it comes to it, how do you prove that you are a human?

Written by: Titas Halder

Performed by: Kola Nuts (Oasis Academy Shirley Park)

Writers biography: Titas Halder is a writer, director and musician working across theatre, film and music.

Meet the Cast

Daniella Ayuknsock – Mika
Zamira Barjami – Sam
Oliver Biasotto – Auden
Skye Bradley – Lewis
Jassaya Carr – Chris
Anita Dumitru – Jude
Nikola Jancy – Cora
Nathan Mulongoy – LJ
Casey Phillips – Ash
Georgios Tsounis – Tucker
Moses Obiago – Alex
Emmanuel Savage – Morgan

Meet the Creatives

Isabelle Hearne – Assistant Director
Hayley Blundell – Assistant Director
Nathaniel Mehmet – Sound
Noor Ahmad – Lighting
Salwa Imaan – Costume, hair and make up
Hameedha Mohamed – Head of Backstage
Ilianna Tachtsidis – Set Design
Shaun Lubanga, Sugirthan Sasikaran and Gajan Gnanasegaram – Backstage

Age Guidance: 12+

Content Warning: This show includes strong language and scenes that viewers may find disturbing