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NT Connections Festival: Shout

22 March 2024

About the show

In a world full of words, how can Dana survive when she can’t speak? Dana has selective mutism, but that doesn’t stop her vivid imagination. Shout is a funny, moving play about anxiety,celebrating difference, and finding your voice. A play that wonders what exactly it takes to overcome anxiety and mental health issues when you’re a teenager. It’s not just the noise you make, that makes you who you are.

Written by: Alexis Zegerman

Performed by: The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy

Writers Biography:

Alexis Zegerman is an award-winning actress and writer working across theatre, TV, film and radio. She was writer-in-residence at Hampstead Theatre where her play Lucky Seven premiered. She is currently writing a comedy feature for BBC Films

Meet the Cast 

Summer Davis Haley – Dana’s message
Divina Issac – Dana
Arianna Lindsey – Viv
Yasir Abdi – Saini
Sivajanani Selvakumar – Yaz
Eleanor Lewis – Maya
Saeed Gohar – Tristan
Tyler Breach – Jono/Tristan’s message
Sam Odumosu – Mo
Romina Blaga – Anita
Aniyah Star – Holly
Sabina Hussain – Therapist
Jeremiah Grant – Tom
Jayden Robinson – Student 3/Sam
Ocean Roberts – Toni
Ibrahim Diaby – Headteacher
Leo Lineker – Con
Amira Gadsby – Student 2/Trinh/Dana’s word document
Stone Harley Black – Student 4/Librarian
Miruna Buna – Student 5
Liam Spinola – Pete/Admissions officer
Azaria Blackman – Student 6/Student 8/Nav
Fern Tucker-Lee – Student 7/Classics teacher
Shariyah Ismail – Student 1


Meet the Creatives:

Yathushagini Kirushnan – Sound
Shylah-Marie Smith  – Set/Marketing
Aakarshanaa Ananth  – Set/Marketing
Nabila Ahmad  – lighting
Mojirade Ojo  – Lighting
Ola Sawicka  – Marketing/Costume
Laura Reha  – Marketing/Costume
Jyoshna Sivakumar  – Sound
Arhum Akram  – lighting
Izabela Skonieczna  – Marketing/costume
Emma Amoakwa  – Stage Manager
Chenaye Adams  – Set/Marketing
Olida Erez 10KAS – Set/Marketing
Alisa Auchaybur  – Set/Marketing

Age guidance: 12+

Content Warnings: 

There is some swearing and the play explores experiences of anxiety disorders and moments with characters struggling with poor mental health.