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13 - 14 May
7.30pm & 4pm

About the show

Welcome to Kurukan Fuga, West Africa!

Tonight, we celebrate Bulu Kuwo: a rite of passage ceremony. To become griots, or the great West African storytellers, and tell History, three teenagers must first prove they can handle their nyama—the life force that produces words—by sharing their own stories.

Nyamakala: An African Story is an invitation into the world of West African storytelling, traditional live music, and empowerment of Black Youth. This play challenges Western ideas that Africa doesn’t have a history and showcases the power of oral traditions, especially within former colonies.

Based on true events

Age Guidance: 12+

Content Warnings: Themes of war, death, and racial discrimination

Running Time:  90mins 

Meet the Cast

  • Yandra Pau Baquero -
    Yandra Pau Baquero
  • DeLove Akra -
    DeLove Akra
  • Selorm Adonu -
    Selorm Adonu

Meet the Creatives

  • Marie-Ange Camara - Writer and Director
    Marie-Ange Camara
    Writer and Director
  • Bella Cavicchi  - Producer
    Bella Cavicchi