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Exposing the Process: Palm as Portal with Olivia Douglass & malakaï sargeant

Wed 7 Oct

About the show

Olivia Douglass has been an Artist-in-Residence at Theatre Peckham since February 2020 where Palm as Portal has undergone change and transformation as part of several research and development days with young people, critical friends and the show’s director. As their residency culminates, we’ve recorded Olivia in conversation with our Associate Director malakaï sargeant, Exposing the Process of working around themes such as queer platonic intimacy, decolonising forms of writing/curating text and inspirations behind the piece – featuring poetry and audio art from Palm as Portal.

Instagram: @OliviaDDouglass

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Meet the Creatives

  • Olivia Douglass - Writer/Performer
    Olivia Douglass