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RFUK Edutainment Seminar & Showcase

20 Aug

About the show

The Reggae Fraternity UK Edutainment Seminar & Showcase is an empowering event ideal for aspiring artists, performers and music lovers wanting to gain more knowledge and understanding about the music and entertainment business.

The event is broken down into two parts, a FREE Edutainment Seminar in the daytime packed with a variety of practical workshops and presentations carefully chosen to be of benefit to a wide range of people.

An affordable performance showcase featuring the legendary Sandra Cross plus Roger Robin, and also the the talented emerging artists Teshay Makeda and LA Gray all backed by the RFUK Band.

Running Time:

Seminar Only : 2pm – 7pm

Showcase: 7.30pm – 10pm

Trigger Warnings:

Panel led discussion about Dancehall Music and the brash and violent lyrics, its treatment of women and its outlandish characters.