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Ribbon Around A Bomb

12 May

About the show

Learn about Frida’s  past and childhood, her life changing accident as well as her many love affairs. Discover her art –  described as “magical realism” and find out more about  the women that had a lasting impact on art history.  

Explore how Kahlo used surrealist imagery in the creation of her  often biographical work – in order to create an abstract collage pieces inspired by Frida and your own life.  

Molly Tompsett was diagnosed as autistic aged 7.  Like many neurodiverse people, growing up she had various special interests that she sort sanctuary in –  the most notable being Frida Kahlo.  

Age Guidance: 12 +  

Content Warnings:

Mentioning of injury, accident and illness.

Some mentioning of child loss and miscarriage as well as artistic depictions.  

Running Time: 2 hours – including lecture / presentation and workshop activity

Meet the Creatives

  • Molly Tompsett - Creator
    Molly Tompsett