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The Green Room

Available Now

About the show

Six authors. One diversity award for literature. A green room full of egos, secrets, disappointments and desperation. Who will reveal their true colours first? 

A laugh-out-loud comedy, The Green Room presents a timely and clear-eyed exploration of the publishing industry, and the myriad of obstacles new and established writers of colour face while trying to carve out a career that matters.

Written by award winning authors Yvvette Edwards and Irenosen Okojie, produced by award-winning author and playwright Alex Wheatle MBE and directed by Roy Alexander Weise MBE.

Suitable for ages +16

This is a live streamed event that took place on Sunday 4th July but is available to watch now.

The running time is 90 mins with an additional Q&A with the writers

Tickets are on a donation basis of £20, £15, £10, £5

Kindly click here if  you would like to make an additional donation towards the fundraiser.