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Peckham Fringe: Time Fly’s


About the show

Yinka Akinfenwa is leaving for one of the top law firms in the country but not before meeting up with his long-term friends Damon Johnson and Anthony Jones for one last drink to reminisce on their journey from the 90’s until the current day. The boys go back in time and reminisce on the days when they had to call girls’ house phones to speak with them, the days of Reebok classics and Avirex, the introduction of mobile phones, one-day bus passes, not getting killed by the local gangs and MORE! Kick back and enjoy the beautiful chaos the boys caused from then until now.

Age Guidance: 15+

Content Warnings: Scenes of a sexual nature which some viewers may find disturbing

Running Time: 60 minutes

Location: Main Theatre

Meet The Cast

Duayne Boa as Yinka Akinfenwa

Khali Best as Anthony Johnson

Meet The Creatives

Jeremy Onwubolu Gabriel – Writer/Director/Producer