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Peckham Fringe: VEYIL

6th & 7th June - 8:00pm, 8th June - 4:00pm & 8:00pm

About the show

VEYIL is a modern myth set in a time where our ability to “see beauty” has been stripped away by Powers Above. We humans got a little too vain… But a Girl stumbles upon a breadcrumb left by a Mischievous Being promising to restore that sight… for a price.

Veyil uses well known myths, religion and folklore to dive into a fantastical story crawling through our obsession with beauty and its ridiculous/dark side. The normal stuff.

Age Guidance: 11+

Content Warnings: N/A

Running Time: 50 minutes

Location: Studio 1

Meet The Cast

Adeola Yemitan as girl

Meet The Creatives


Writer, Lyricist and Performer: Adeola Yemitan

Associate Director: dkfash

Music Producer/Composer: Catrin Vincent

Sound Designer: XANA

Original Sound Design: Francesca Amewaduh-Rivers

Lighting Design: Jahmiko Marshall

Set Design Associate: Shona Sharma

Consulting Producer: Wofai

Supported by Initiative.dkf