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Wonderland in Alice

6 - 22 April
Various Times

About the show

Produced by CTC Dance Company in partnership with Theatre Peckham 

CTC Dance Company will unpick the timeless story of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland and reveal an eerie transcendent adaptation, displaying a constantly evolving world of: ‘No Rules. No Time. No Binary’.  

Wonderland in Alice  challenges you to open your mind to a world free from binaries, preconceptions, and societal expectations. The show will employ a universal emotive language to convey empathy and empowerment toward gender awareness and self-authenticity.

Delving into the complexities of expressive movement theatre, spoken word, this performance transitions costumes to depict transformative characters, and composing an all-encompassing original soundscape. 

Accessible and inclusive workshops, enabling aspiring creatives and performers from the LGBTQIA+ will be provided. 


Running Time: 90 mins (Including a post show discussion) 

Main Show: 70mins 

Post Show Discussion: 20mins 


Age Guidance: 12+ unless accompanied by an adult. 

Trigger Warnings: Themes of mental health and gender questioning.


Meet the Creatives

  • Christopher Tendai - Choreographer,  Director of CTC Dance Company
    Christopher Tendai
    Choreographer, Director of CTC Dance Company