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Theatre news round-up!

At Theatre Peckham, we think it is important for young people interested in the arts to stay involved and aware of what is happening in the industry  – outside of their home youth theatres – and this regular post will summarize the biggest items of arts and theatre news of the week.

There hasn’t been a lot of good news this week in the theatre industry, but a few very significant things have happened.

1) The Battersea Arts Centre Fire. 

On Friday there was a major fire at Battersea Arts Centre. The BAC is a very influential theatre, and the theatre and local communities have gathered together to support it in this time. They have been raising money, and even managed to get shows back on in one of the rooms just a few days after the fire wiped out a significant amount of the building – including the Grand Hall which was their largest theatre space. Our Act Up group had been at the BAC just a week before watching a performance in the Grand Hall. The show they saw has since lost all it’s staging, props and costume in the fire.

2) The closing of Ideastap

This technically happened last week, but it’s very important news particularly for young artists. Ideastap provided support for emerging artists with funding, mentoring, and training opportunities – all accessed for free, without it there are few other schemes offering similar support to people in the early stages of their careers. If you would like to sign a petition, or read more about the closure of ideastap you can do so here.

3) The Olivier Awards

To round off with some lighter news, the nominations for the Olivier Awards were announced last week. (It’s like the Oscar’s for British Theatre) The Young Vic had the most nominations with 11. It was also announced that dancer and choreographer, Sylvie Guillem will be honoured with a special award at the ceremony that takes place on the 12th April.


Thats it for this week’s round up. Watch this space for next fridays edition – hopefully with something more cheery to discuss.