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John Boyega

John is a Theatre Peckham alumni and an active TP Patron. In January this year, he unveiled our mural dedicated to him, created by street artist The Artful Dodger, which pays tribute to our past, and inspires the next generation as they come through our doors.

“I had energy but I didn’t know how to define it, I loved to be in school plays but I never knew there were other kids like me from South London who loved the same thing. At Theatre Peckham I met people like me, from my area, who were not afraid to say “I love art, and I love expressing myself”.

John Boyega

Jenny lives locally and had heard of Theatre Peckham and thought it would be good to introduce herself and come and see some of our work.  For the past few years Jenny has been a strong advocate of our work, and is keen to ensure the future of TP for her local community.

Paulette Randall, MBE is a British theatre director, born in Brixton. She is the former artistic director of the Talawa Theatre Company and produced the much-loved TV comedy Desmond’s, set in Peckham.

Paulette came to our 30yr celebration of Desmond’s last January and wanted to support the work we do with young people and connecting them to the industry.