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Theatre Peckham presents: Peckham Fringe

Monday 2 May – Sunday 5 June 2022

Theatre Peckham brings you Peckham Fringe, an exciting new festival. Across 5 weeks, 27 visiting companies will take over our main theatre and studio space.

Tickets are available now from our What’s On page!

Or you can view the full line up here:

Anybody of Water  2 – 3 May, 7.30pm
Exploring the challenges of mental health and contemporary living, through their connection to the sustaining yet dangerous force that is water. 

NO ID  4 – 7 May, 8pm 
The story of a black transgender immigrant in the UK.   

Fringe Features: New Writing Scratch Night, 5 May
What happens when you take three writers who have words that have never been read or performed before? You get a Theatre Peckham scratch night of new writing. Join us as we dive into the worlds of three new pieces from some very exciting writing talent.

Bones  6 – 8 May, 2pm & 7:30pm  
Ed is used to getting injured playing rugby, but he’s never faced an injury that he couldn’t see before. A show about rugby and mental health. 

The Recollection of Tony Ward  8 May, 2.30pm & 8pm 
Tony Ward finds himself at rock bottom in his childhood home after his divorce. It’s the last place he expects to find himself, but he does just that. 

It’s Not Rocket Science  11 May, 2pm & 7.30pm  
Eve always knew she belonged in the stars, but those on Earth keep bringing her down. Watch her grow up and grow wiser about how rocket science is the easy part, but being treated equally isn’t. 

Sunny Side Up  11 – 15 May, 8pm & 2.30pm 
A coming-of-age exploration of how society tries our vulnerability and how our environments can shape masculinity for young Black boys. Based on a true story. 

The Pocket  12 – 14 May, 7.30pm & 2pm
London – 1772. A family – thrown together by happenstance – help lay the foundations of Black freedom on British soil. 

The Underground Society for the Preservation of Human Kind  14 – 15 May, 8pm 
Set in a dystopian future in which censorship rules, a community of people have fled underground to save music, speech and the freedom of expression.

Fringe Features: Black Musical Theatre Night 15 May 7:30pm
This feel-good concert will celebrate the best of musical theatre with irresistible songs from hit shows. Join the best that the West End has to offer as we bring them direct to Theatre Peckham. 

Eating Myself  16 – 17 May, 7.30pm 
A communal experience through cooking on stage, while digging into the performer’s deep fight around body image, self-care, and family. 

Can I Call You Back?  18 – 19 May, 8pm  
This coming-of-age comedy explores visible auto-immune disorders, female body image, and overcoming all kinds of grief.  

Fringe Features: Comedy Night, 18 May
Laughs should be local. 
Join us at Theatre Peckham for our comedy night, bringing the hottest talent on the circuit to Peckham. 

Life’s a Drag  19 – 21 May, 7.30pm & 2pm  
Maxine, an awkward queer teenager, is desperately trying to suppress the other personality that lives inside of her, a tell it like it is Drag Performer. 

Breaking News  20 – 21 May, 8pm
A bittersweet story of love, climate change and people power. 

Message in a Clay River  22 May, 2pm & 7.30pm
In the beginning, there was the only sky above, water and marshland below… Olorun ruled the sky, and goddess Olokun ruled what was below…  
Imagiphoria Studios bring audiences mythology… with a twist. 

Playing Latinx  22 May, 2.30pm & 8pm
What lengths do we go to fit in? An actor from Latin America tries to find his place in the UK theatre scene, all funny accents and salsa rhythms. At what point does the stereotype start playing him? 

The Voices of Black Folk in Unexpected Places 24 – 25 May, 7.30pm  
Shining a light on the forgotten rich history of Black voices across the UK and Europe. 

Oriente Plus/ Power Cut  24 – 25th May, 2pm & 7.30pm 
This is a Caribbean story, a story of power cuts and generators, of crossroads and ocean crossings, of haunted bodies and dancing souls. 

You Can’t Understand  25 – 27 May, 8pm 
Keika is enjoying a gorgeous night in, with the company of her inner voices and Meg the Stallion, when a life changing opportunity awaits her. Join Keika on her journey of Barbz, besties and bad gyal business! 

Hayfever  27 – 28 May, 2pm & 7:30pm 
Tomato Soup, a Jenga game, a passionate love story that was born in a bohemian style bedroom on top of a London pub. How could it all go wrong?  

An Investigation  28 May, 8pm  
Tshirts, ‘The Masked Singer’, determinism, CAPTCHAs, Taylor Swift and the debate over free will.  Alex Rugman, a professor in Computational Behaviourism at MIT,  has prepared this lecture especially for Peckham Fringe.  

Skate of Mind Live  29 May, 5pm 
Skate of Mind Live will immerse you into a world of music, culture, and good vibes on wheels. 

Away from Home  29 May, 2.30pm & 8pm 
Three girls, are playing jump rope in the moonlight. Away from home, their damaged fates are intertwined. They believe that the moon will eventually guide them home.  

Before I Go  30 – 31 May, 2pm & 7.30pm 
Ajani can talk about anything but his feelings. From his underlying desire to reconnect with his loved ones, he experiments with spoken word, movement and song.  
SLUMLORD  1 – 2 June, 8pm
It’s the winter of 1966. Notting Hill. The reign of the slum landlords in West London is at its end but for the residents of St Stephen’s Gardens, they pay the punishing price of its darkest hour. 

Fringe Features: Music Night, 1 June, 7.30pm 
Showcasing the fresh talents of three new up and coming musicians. Join us for an evening of vibrant music like no other.  

Errol’s Garden  2 – 4 June, 11am & 2pm 
An interactive musical for audiences aged 3-11 and their grownups, filled with catchy songs, big ideas and a passion for plants.

PlayFight  2 – 3 June, 7.30pm  
Examining the corrosive way in which racism determines the direction Black lives take, following the story of friends, TJ, Zara and Kai. 

PISS AND BILE  3 – 4 June, 8pm 
Can friendship survive in a world that fosters apathy, complacency and cruelty? 

The Great Barbecue  4 – 5 June, 2pm & 7:30pm 
Anansi hosts a barbecue and for his fellow Gods. But Their ideas on if the African spirit can be saved, are tested.