Theatre Works

Theatre Works is Theatre Peckham’s annual un-conference for young people whose experiences are typically underrepresented in the theatre industry. Through a day full of workshops and activities led by industry professionals, plus opportunities to meet other like-minded creatives, Theatre Works is the event centring young minds who are seeking a career in the creative sector.

Aged 14-25 and interested in taking part? You can view the full programme below. To book, please complete one of the two forms below.

Here is what the schedule looked like last year.

10.30am – 12pm12pm – 1:30pm 2:15pm – 3:45pm
TheatreSound Design
Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts offers offer vocational, hands-on courses that prepare you for life-long careers in the creative industries. Come and join us to gain insight into Sound Design with our Senior Sound Tutor Bruce Sharpe
Led by Theatre Peckham’s very own technical manager, Nicolas Petersen-Gyongyosi,  the workshop will be start off with an introductory lesson on the differences between certain lighting units and how they combine and complement each other when used together. The main portion of the workshop will then be a practical exploration of how Colour Theory impacts the use of a light in Theatre. 
Costume Design
Led by Stella-Jane, this workshop will provide a brief overview and introduction of the processes, elements and role of a designer and working towards a design, exploring effective materials in the creation of a design, working in teams and independently participant will get the chance to share ideas, realise and showcase their work in an informal group showcase at the end of the workshop. 
Studio 1Script Writing
Led by Rikki Beadle-Blair, this is a fun workshop on how to write a play, plot, characters, dialogue, the lot! Bring a pen and any questions if you have any and get yourself inspired! 

Applied Theatre
This workshop, led by Molly Wilson will help you Unleash your creativity and learn how applied theatre makes a difference! Led by the BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education team at Central you will discover how theatre can be a powerful tool for social change and personal growth. Engage in a fun and interactive activity that explores the transformative potential of theatre in addressing real-world issues. Be a part of this dynamic session and experience the magic of applied theatre firsthand. embark on a journey of creative expression, social impact and how theatre can spark conversations that matter. 
Led by Abi Falase, this workshop is all about translating page to stage. How do we explore visual storytelling by examining text, character dynamics and given circumstances? 
Studio 2 Community Theatre
This workshop, led by Andrea Maciel invites young artists to come together to make work as an ensemble. It is a chance to increase your confidence and discover your theatrical potential in a safe and supportive environment. Andrea’s work invites participants to be in touch with their own expressive selves in a sensitive and free way while exploring their collaborative and creative potential. For this workshop participants are expected to wear comfortable clothes they can move in. 
With the use of an image, smell or sound we are able to use it as a starting point for our stories, the benefit of this is that everyone’s association towards something (maybe picture of a rocking chair) is different, meaning that the possibilities for a great story are endless. 

The aim of the session is to engage the individual’s mind causing them to think creatively. How could a chair be linked to a smell of manure? How old is the chair? Who does it belong to? Questions need answers and when there is no wrong answer the story is yours to create. 
With the use of an image, smell or sound we are able to use it as a starting point for our stories, the benefit of this is that everyone’s association towards something (maybe picture of a rocking chair) is different, meaning that the possibilities for a great story are endless. 

The aim of the session is to engage the individual’s mind causing them to think creatively. How could a chair be linked to a smell of manure? How old is the chair? Who does it belong to? Questions need answers and when there is no wrong answer the story is yours to create. 

4pm – 6pm

TP Surgeries

Here is your opportunity to ask members of the Theatre Peckham team specific questions. Need advice on marketing your first show or on fundraising? Need a one-to-one session with a producer to look over an application? This is your chance! You can book a slot on the day at TP. 

6pm – 8pm

TP Young Ambassador’s Takeover

Learn about how to break into the industry with a panel discussion and Q&A with industry professionals sharing their experiences, challenges, and advice for young artists. This would then be followed by a networking event. 


Simon Manyonda
Simon is a British Television, Theatre and Film Actor known for Doctor Who, His Dark Materials and more recently, Rye-Lane. Throughout his career, he’s worked with the likes of Sam Mendes, Glenda Jackson and Anthony Hopkins to name but a few. Committed to working with young artists, Simon serves as a Board Member for TP.
Joshua Boyd-Campbell
Joshua is an enthusiastic and ambitious producer at Nouveau Riche where he leads the Brand Nouveau Initiative program, championing and providing opportunities for artists. Besides theatre, Joshua also works in production across TV and film and independent talent management.
Danielle Phillips
Having attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Danielle has since worked across TV, Film, Radio and Theatre. She has created theatre with organisations including: The RSC, Royal Court, Traverse Festival, Camden People’s Theatre, Hull Truck & Theatre 503. In 2021 she was nominated in the Acting category for the ‘Evening Standard’s Future Theatre Award’.

Workshop Facilitators

Bruce Sharpe (Sound Design)

Bruce Sharpe is a freelance composer of sound scores for dance and scenic, sound and audio-visual content design for drama.  Bruce has created immersive and performance works funded by The British Council, Arts Council and Fonds Nord Rhein Westfalen, including Siobahn Davies, Henry Montes, Theatre Rites in the UK and abroad. 

Bruce is the Senior Sound Tutor at Mountview, Senior technician at University of Roehampton and Specialist Technical Tutor at University of Bristol.  

Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE (Script Writing)

Rikki Beadle-Blair MBE is a writer, director, composer, choreographer, designer, producer and performer working in the film, theatre, television and radio. Having written and directed 40 plays over the last 20 years along with several feature films, shorts and tv episodes and series, he has won several awards including the Sony Award, the Los Angeles Outfest Screenwriting and Outstanding Achievement awards. Rikki’s passion for encouraging wellness, creativity and business sense in others has made a committed and effective mentor to a great many writers, actors, composers and directors around the world. 

Dr. Andrea Maciel (Community Theatre)

Dr. Andrea Maciel is a dance performer, scholar and teacher. Her academic/artistic work investigates the physical resonance of social urban landscapes through dance, performance and installations. She has taught movement techniques for BA and Master Course actors at Universities in Brazil, New York – US and UK and it is Associate Lecturer for the BA Hons Acting and Performance at University of Arts of London. She has an extensive experience in Laban Bartenieff technique and has been teaching somatic approaches within CPD as well as utilizing those techniques in her clinic therapy practice. She holds a PhD in Performing Arts at Federal University – Brazil with a Visiting Scholarship at New York University and has 20 years of practice of physical theatre training and somatic-healing approaches for dancers, actors and bodywork practitioners. Andrea is a core member of Cross-Pollination Platform of Theatre where she is a cocreator in collaborative embodied research practice and is the Artistic Director for Intercultural Roots. Her passion to connect art, healing and public space performance has perfectly coalesced through Intercultural Roots’ ‘Arts for Health and Social Change’ programme 

Nicolas Petersen-Gyongyosi (Lighting)

Born and raised in Munich Germany, Nicolas Petersen-Gyongyosi, has been working in all areas of technical theatre for the past 7 years, with an emphasis in lighting. Starting out by studying and working in the United States, his next career step took him out to sea, where he worked as a stage technician aboard TUI Cruises travelling the world. Since coming to London in 2021, he has completed his master’s in applied theatre from Goldsmith University of London and is now working at Theatre Peckham as Technical Manager, a role that is both a new challenge, and very exciting for him to hold. 

Molly Wilson (Applied Theatre)

Molly Wilson is a performance artist and applied theatre practitioner. Having studied Drama, Applied Theatre and Education at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, she completed an MPhil in Arts, Creativity and Education at the University of Cambridge. Molly has now returned to Central to undertake a PhD and works as a lecturer and academic tutor on the undergraduate and postgraduate Applied theatre programmes. Molly’s practice engages life writing, storytelling and mixed art methods and particularly focusses on wellbeing and empowerment for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. She has worked with young people in social housing, youth detention centres and hospitals, as well as with vulnerable adults with dementia and families living in poverty. In her PhD practice, Molly is exploring the relationship between applied theatre, storytelling, and social media. In this workshop, you will begin to ask the biggest question faced by applied theatre practitioners – Can theatre change the world? 

Emmanuel (Storytelling)

Emmanuel is a storyteller who goes by the alias Preacher the Storyteller and although the name Preacher has biblical connotations, he covers a wide variety of books & stories. By engaging one’s imagination, with the use of actions, sounds, & smells as well as other techniques, he is able to bring a story to life so that the experience is not one easily forgotten. 

Stella-Jane Odoemelam (Costume Design)

Stella-Jane is a London based Theatre designer and Practitioner, specialising in the professional construction of costume and set within her work, her background ranges from Theatre, Film, live events, to dance and performance design, working with a range of diverse backstage teams, touring and executing leading events, to teaching and delivering workshops and short courses on Design, Theatre and Making for stage and performance on a practical level.    

Abi Falase (Directing)

Abi Falase is a Non-Binary, Black British writer and director. Their work is rooted in creating productions that are, what I like to call ‘Feel Good Social Realism’. I wrap big discussions about everything from race and gender to capitalism and economy in comedy because if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.