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Young Producers

Remember a time when we could socialise at a distance fewer than two metres?  

Jumping in and out of festival mosh pits. Shazaming tunes on the sly. Waiting in the rain for the night bus home. Selfies in front of expensive looking art at galleries you can’t remember the name of. Spilling drinks at the block party. Nursing your fingers after clicking your way through an entire poetry night. Quietly sobbing after trying (and failing) to secure press night tickets… 

We all love events, and how the best ones leave us feeling and thinking way after it’s done. But how do you put one together that will leave other people wanting more? Though these experiences may feel like distant memories, we want to prepare the next generation of Black* artists, curators, organisers and promoters with the knowhow on putting on productions that will bring us back together once the world opens up again.  

Led by theatre, festival and participatory arts producer Adrian Gardner (Theatre Royal Stratford East, Fuel Theatre, Apples & Snakes), over 12 weeks you’ll get to know all about how to put together an event that bangs. The essential skills of producing can be applied to all kinds of work regardless of the scale; whether it’s indoors or outside, touring or site-specific, digital or in-person, immersive or otherwise, by the end of the course you’ll have learned the do’s and don’ts of creative producing.  

After a series of sessions focusing on specific areas of creative producing (budgeting, scheduling, curation/programming, contracting, stage management, marketing, partnerships and fundraising), you’ll be working towards collaboratively producing your own event or installation either at Theatre Peckham or online (Covid-dependent) that showcases the work from Final Drafts as well as featuring some of our Young Creatives. You’ll be given a budget of actual real-life money to go towards funding your event and, working with the featured artists, will have total creative control on how you want to showcase their work. The sky is the limit (well, your budget is the limit really but don’t let that stop you). 


Dates & times (weekly on Thursdays) 
11 February
18 February
25 February 
4 March
11 March
18 March
25 March
31 March
1 April
8 April
14 April
21 April – Young Peckham showcase by Young Producers
6 May 

This programme is specifically for Black people aged 17-25 in order to redress the imbalances and severe underrepresentation of Black arts producers in the cultural sector. We believe it is crucial for the people behind the scenes who are producing artistic experiences to share cultural, social and political contexts with the artists they are working with to instil a sense of safety, legitimacy and belonging for all involved.   

*We define ‘Black’ as people of Black Caribbean, Black African, Afro-Latinx, Afro-Arab and African-American heritage. This also includes people of mixed-Black heritage who identify as such.