Peckham Previews Festival

Thank you for your interest in showcasing work at Peckham Previews – Theatre Peckham’s youth festival, platforming innovative new writing and performance from emerging artists from all walks of life.

More than anything, we are looking for all things new to showcase that are catered to families, young people and avid fans of live performance.

We want to platform productions that push the boundaries of form, use exciting ways to retell existing or imagine new stories, and engage with audiences beyond the performer-spectator relationship. Whether you’re scratching a new spoken word show, want to share the highlights of your upcoming musical, drop a few one-liners from your new comedy routine, test out your drag act or anything in-between, Peckham Previews could be the place for you.

If you’d like to submit an expression of interest for Peckham Previews, please fill out this form and include “Peckham Previews Submission” in the application.