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Casey Elisha: Love Thy Fro

We chatted to TP family member, author, writer and producer Casey Elisha about her phenomenal book Love Thy Fro. We were absolutely thrilled when Casey wanted to adapt the story for the stage and asked if Theatre Peckham would give them a platform. Here’s the story:

Love Thy Fro: The Musical is the musical adaptation of my debut children’s book, Love Thy Fro. The show debuted at Theatre Peckham in 2018, then came back for another run in 2019; both sold out!

When I think back to why I wanted to do this adaptation, two main things come to mind. First, it felt like a beautiful way for my readers and followers to see Kemi – the main character – come to life and dig into the message of the book a bit more. Secondly, it was the perfect excuse to bring the family back together to work on a creative project.

I co-wrote the show with fellow alumni Malachi, Stephen and Ron, with contributions from Deshaun, Jay and Terry, then we invited our other TP alumni family to form the production team. All of us grew up at Theatre Peckham – when it was New Peckham Varieties – at the same time. With it being a family affair, it made sense that that was where we show the musical, too; at the theatre we see as our home.

If it wasn’t for this team, the support of Theatre Peckham including all the staff or the nostalgia of our home theatre, the musical experience – from the very beginning – would’ve been very different.

Love Thy Fro: The Musical is an important show, not only for us but for real people growing up having to face the daily societal battles to be themselves unapologetically. It’s a show underpinned by acceptance, empowerment, self-discovery and family.

Looking forward, we want to continue developing our show until it reaches other stages, becomes an animation and then develops into a film, so we can continue to inspire people and spread the message of self-love.

You can follow their journey and @LTFmusical on Instagram and Twitter.