CTC Residency

Theatre Peckham is delighted to be collaborating with CTC Dance Company for the second year as they hold their residency with us.   

CTC was established in 2017 by Founder Christopher Tendai (pictured below). Since then, the company has thrived in the areas of Contemporary, and Dance Theatre. CTC have propelled forward on their journey already having a London transfer (2020) from Edinburgh Fringe (2019) with their show: IDENTITY, to dancing for numerous Events (Google), Music Videos (Zack Knight) and Artists (Marisha Wallace). 

The Company’s aim, is to use intention of movement to allow their audiences to be taken on a journey of emotion. CTC work closely with the topic of mental health and want to not only entertain, but also educate their audiences about this sensitive topic. Demonstrating that mental health is something positive and allowing us to know that their is strength In being our authentic selves. 

In January 2020 we supported CTC on their original production of Identity, funded by Arts Council England, with workshops leading up to a live streamed performance. CTC provided free workshops for young people aged 10-19 to develop the show and they filmed sections of the workshop which were incorporated into the show.  

Our Academy dance classes are in partnership with CTC, allowing young people ages 3-19 to have their first taste of performing. Our dance tutors and assistants are from CTC Dance Company which enables young people to work with and learn from professional dancer’s who are emerging in the industry and we support the tutors to develop their facilitation skills and provide a regular source of income. 85% of our tutor team are under the age of 30. With many of the team coming from CTC it is fantastic to have tutors who our young people can relate to and aspire to be like.  

With support from London Youth we have created Ignite Dance Company, an all female group supporting ages 14-19 to explore dance and support their mental wellbeing. We worked with young people across the nation to create a multimedia performance which can be found here.  
CTC Dance Company and Theatre Peckham share the value of supporting young people’s mental wellbeing and using the arts as a form of expression. This partnership enables both companies to grow artistically and to open doors to emerging artists.