Final Drafts

Stuck at home and need some inspiration? If you’re aged 14-21 and want a challenge to keep creative (or distracted), we’re now accepting submissions for the third iteration of Final Drafts – our online creative mentorship for up-and-coming young writers. 

6 emerging writers will work over a number of weeks to refine your craft, being guided to develop your piece with a writing pro – either author and essayist Varaidzo, or poet and playwright Zia Ahmed – who will provide bespoke feedback on your work. Your Final Draft will then be audio recorded at Theatre Peckham and showcased at an event put together by our Young Producers on 21 April. You’ll get to keep a version of the audio for your own use as well as the Final Drafts being published on our website for the world to see. 

It’s a vibe, truly, and rare opportunity to work with industry professionals to get intimate feedback and advice on your writing – as well as tips and tricks along the way about how to breakthrough as a writer.  

Please see the programme for our Final drafts, Young Producers and Young Creatives event, Tongue Ties, here.

We’ve chosen a haiku as our stimulus by poet Megha Harish, entitled Multilingual/Multicultural

speaking two cultures 

easier than two languages 

always tongue twisted” 

You can write your response in prose, as a script, song lyrics, poetry or a piece of spoken word. Think this could be you? Watch and listen to what came out of Final Drafts in 2020 by clicking here

Our 4 simple rules: 


Dates & times
Mentoring sessions between week commencing 22 February to week commencing 22 March.  

Final draft deadline: 2 April
Recording week: week commencing: 5 April
Young Peckham showcase: 21 April