Inspiring the Next Generation of Creatives.

18 – 30 January 2021
Age Range: 13yrs+

CTC Dance Co. invite you to be part of the professional rehearsal process of their show IDENTITY from start to finish. Over 5 days, there’ll be up to 25 sessions for you to take part in including webinars, observations, classes and Q&As.

Ever wondered how a show comes together? Now, you can find out – in real time.

The sessions will not only focus on Dance but will also include other topics such as: How to Produce Your Own Work, Stage Management, Sound, Lighting, Music and Directing.

All sessions will be over Zoom and you will be emailed with all of the links. All sessions will be recorded which will be uploaded to a zoom cloud incase you miss anything. This can be accessed between 18th January – 6th February.

The Programme

Monday 18 January
10:45am-11:15am Meet & Greet
11:45am-1pm Company Class (Observe / Take Part)
1pm-1:45pm Beginning of the Process (Explained Observation)
3:15pm-4:30pm Rehearsals 1 (Observation)
5:30pm-6pm Producing Your Own Work (Q&A)
6:15pm-6:45pm Arts Council Funding Tips (Webinar/Q&A)

Thursday 21 January
10:45am-11:45am Company Class (Observe / Take Part)
12pm-12:45pm Creating Soundscapes (Explained Observation)
1pm-2pm Workshop New Material (Observation)
5pm-5:45pm The Importance of Websites (Webinars)
6pm-6:30pm Directing Tips (Webinar)

Tuesday 26 January
10:45am-11:45am Company Class (Observe/Take Part)
12pm-12:45pm Stage Management (Webinar)
2pm-2:45pm Collaborating with Creatives (Webinar/Q&A)
4:45pm-5:30pm Company Notes (Observation)
5:30pm-6pm Working in an Ensemble (Webinar/Discussion)
6:15pm-7pm Music, Lyrics and Theatre (Webinar/Q&A)

Friday 29 January – Tech
11am-11:45am Sound Set Up (Explained Observation)
1pm-1:45pm Lighting Set Up (Explained Observation)
3pm-4pm Tech Rehearsals (Explained Observation)
5pm-5:30pm Videography (Explained Observation)
6pm-6:30pm Creatives & Tech (Webinar/Q&A)

Saturday 30th January – Filming Day
5:45pm-6:15pm Cast Warm Up (Observe/Take Part)
6:15pm-6:55pm Tech Set Up (3 Breakout Rooms) (Explained Observation)
7pm-8:10pm Filming of Run-through (Observation)
8:20pm-8:50pm Post Show Discussion with Applause for Thought (Discussion/Q&A)

Ticket Packages

£7 Ticket (

• Access to the edited version of Identity on YouTube (also captioned) for 6 February

£30 Ticket (


We don’t want cost to be a barrier. If you’d like some support to take part in the sessions, fill out the form below to have access to the sessions.

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