Junior Creatives and Young Creatives

If you’re 12-16 or 17-25, you can sign up to be part of Theatre Peckham’s first ever cohort of Junior & Young Creatives. Starting in February 2021, our Junior & Young Creatives sessions are held on the last Wednesday of each month – perfect for people who are afraid of weekly commitment (no shade) but want to get regular doses of in-depth insider knowledge about how this wild, wild industry actually works. 

Throughout the year you’ll be able to take part in workshops that will demystify what happens behind the scenes so you can learn the ropes of writing for performance, critiquing shows, dissecting scripts and curating exhibitions, as well as introductory sessions on theatre directing, workshop facilitation, sound design, event photography and… well, whatever else you want. If monthly workshops aren’t enough, you can also get involved in choosing a range of additional bespoke masterclasses for you and the other Creatives to go to, getting the chance to learn from and pick the brains of people who have somehow managed to make a career out of being an artist (yeah, we didn’t know it was possible either). 

Monthly sessions will be led by our Associate Director, with other members of the TP team pulling up too; they’ll spill all the tea about how events and productions are programmed at Theatre Peckham and you can have your say on what you think should go on our stages. Speaking of, both Junior Creatives & Young Creatives will be invited to share their talents at TP too, working alongside our Young Producers who will put on a few events and installations (either in-person, digital or both) to showcase your artistry. 

And did we mention free food? Each monthly (in-person) workshop will end with you getting some hot food in your belly and a chance to chat your other Creatives. You never know, by signing up you could find the collaborator you never knew you needed – the bubble to your tea, the Krept to your Konan, the Theatre to your Peckham…? Alright, that one didn’t work, we tried a ting innit. 

Get in touch with Participation@theatrepeckham.co.uk for more information on Junior Creatives
Applications for Young creatives have now closed

Junior Creatives – 4:30-6:30pm
Young Creatives – 7:00-9:00pm 

Dates (monthly sessions every last Wednesday)
24 February
31 March
14 April
21 May – Young Peckham showcase featuring Young Creatives
25 May
30 June
28 July
25 August
31 August – Young Peckham showcase featuring Junior Creatives
29 September
27 October
24 November
15 December