Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre (3 – 5)
4pm – 5pm
Cost: £80 / term (please note, each academic year is comprised of 3 terms)

It is a safe space for children to try out new things, to explore themes through the medium of acting, singing and dancing. It allows them to be spontaneous and take risks – to test their emotional and physical boundaries. The children develop their acting, singing and dance skills, understanding of music, their social skills and develop artistic expression. Incorporating a variety of styles, we will ensure the children are ready

for any dance, singing and acting challenge. Our training will help develop and nurture the children into truly prepared and confident artists of the future.

If you wish for your child to enrol for our in-house exam for this class, please contact our Academy Coordinator,

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS: if your child is 5 years old in September 2024, but turning 6 years between October 2024– July 2025, please sign them up for this class. Students must stay in the same class in which they have signed up at the start of the academic year. Parents should not change the class of their child, unless instructed by an academy team member.