Poetic Relief Project

The Poetic Relief Project is a youth employment scheme, supported by The National Lottery Community Fund, to bring new opportunities for young people to find employment in the creative industries. 

Launched in August 2021, The Poetic Relief Project provides programmes and services to support young people’s mental health, personal development, and community cohesion.  The Cultural Leaders youth employment scheme allows the Theatre Peckham, Black Cultural Archives and Poetic Unity to train and give 12 young people jobs in the creative industry every year for the next three years, where they will learn the daily operations of each charity. 

Cultural Leaders

Cohort 4 (2022-23)
Yiga Gaolou, Jerome Scott, Kobe Ayensuo, Binta Yade, Kwame Reed, Lateshia Howell, Demii Lee Walker (Programme Coordinator)
Cohort 1 (2021-22)
Aicha Theresen, Alfie Neill, Rhianna Agard-St John, Amaarah Roze, Demii Lee Walker, Sheyanne Blackett Rock
Cohort 3 (2022-23)
Imogen Fairies, Emilian Isibo, Denniel Dunbar, Tatenda Matsvai, Sydney Peters, Jayda David
Cohort 2 (2021-22)
Anna Ajobo, Alfia Jade Brown, Amaal Ali, Maia Ojerinde-Ardall, Chloe Carterr, Jacqueline Gomes-Neves

Applications are now open for the second cohort of Cultural Leaders. Visit our Vacancies page for information on how to apply.

Poetic Relief Events at Theatre Peckham

The Poetry Foyer
A monthly poetry event in Theatre Peckham’s foyer with open mic slots and headline acts gracing the stage.
Tickets are free but booking is required.
Every last Thursday of the month.

Upcoming Foyer: Letter to my Younger Self Edition – July
The Spoken Word Theatre 
This weekly workshop programme will improve participants’ performance and stage presence to develop poetry for a theatrical stage. Every Monday.

Email info@poeticunity.org.uk with the subject ‘Spoken Word Theatre’ for more information.
Poetry In Motion
Engaging workouts fused with poetic affirmations to support both physical and mental health. For young people aged 16 – 30.

To sign up for free, email: info@poeticunity.org.uk with the subject ‘Poetry In Motion’.