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Positive Futures

in association with Arco Academy

Funded by the Young Londoners Fund Positive Futures supports a group of young people aged 14-18 from Arco Academy in Southwark. The aim of the project is to support young people in alternative educations, inspire participation in local community activities and improve confidence, mental well-being, resilience and communication skills, by allowing participants to explore themes and struggles through the safety net of drama.

The focus this term has been on expression through written and spoken word poetry, looking at poetic texts, such as Maya Angelou, through a cultural and societal lens to understand how poetry has been used to inform literatures such as race, culture and identity.

Experience of working with these groups has suggested regular commitment to traditional educational programmes proves difficult, so the interactive workshops have been designed to challenge young people to create their own work through the medium they prefer, drawing inspiration from their real-life experiences.

The programme has been designed to increase their confidence and literacy as well as communication and language skills, to support them in exploring further and higher education and career pathways. Participants will be invited to attend a production at Theatre Peckham halfway through the Project and will be encouraged to have a following session that reflects on the themes and ideas raised in the production to encourage critical thinking and debate. 

At the end of the process they will present their finished work in a special event, where the local community will be invited to watch and start a conversation about the challenges for young people in light of the Covid-19 pandemic from their perspective, alongside other highlights from our wider Community programme. 

If you’d like to know more about this or any of the other projects, or would be interested in some of our facilitators delivering a workshop in your nursery, school, sixth form, alternative education provider or community space, please contact Monaé on