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Positive Transitions

in partnership with Soulfully Creative

Funded by Young Londoners Fund, Positive Transitions consists of Creative Expressive Therapy which is the use of creative techniques such as art, drama and music to facilitate therapeutic healing and exploring the use of poetry.  The cathartic nature of the workshops support with emotional conflicts, develop social skills and improve self-esteem.  Through this alternative medium we aim to help young people realise their self-worth and that their choices today determine their destiny tomorrow and beyond.   

Positive Transtions sessions are designed to coach participants to get back into the flow of being back in education – either in the last year of primary school or the first year of secondary school – helping you to develop manage feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem or a lack of confidence and developing your skills in public speaking, written communication, teamwork and having a more positive outlook on life. 

Blank Canvas: a week of participatory activity aiming to bring young people together after over a year of social isolation.  The week in May will consist of creative well-being activities that aid in supporting positive mental health for young people.  

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