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Peeking In The Dark

19 - 21 May

About the show

Three housemates stumble upon a mysterious site on the dark web and find themselves pulled into its depths.

As they explore this site, they make a shocking discovery – a murder taking place in real time.  

Now facing a moral dilemma will they report the crime, putting themselves in harm’s way, or stay silent to protect themselves?  

This play explores the consequences of our actions in the digital world and raises questions about what we would do in a similar situation.  

Can they bring down the murderer, or will they become the next victims of the dark web? 

Age Guidance: 14+

Trigger Warnings: Language, Death, Mature Themes 

Running Time: 55 mins

Meet the Cast

  • Michaella Moore - T
    Michaella Moore
  • Corinna Brown - Ash
    Corinna Brown
  • Saskia Davis  - Kiere
    Saskia Davis