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The Oracle

10 -11 May

About the show

O is in crisis. Whatever she does – read tea leaves, read entrails, even read the newspaper– the results are the same. Something sinister is coming. And it’s not good for business.  

Immortal and unanchored from a previous age where she was once respected, the Oracle is lost in the modern age and lacking purpose.  

Luckily for you, bookings are open for one spectacular night of clairvoyance. Expect answers to your questions, expect prophetic guidance, expect a group mystic reading as The Oracle returns for her final prediction.  

A surreal solo show about the future and how we imagine it.  


Age Guidance: 13+

Content Warnings: Simulated animal slaughter that occurs offstage, fake blood.  Flashing lights  

Running Time: 55 minutes.  

Written and performed by Julia Pilkington 

Dramaturgy by Alex Rugman 

Additional direction by Luke Wintour 

Sound design by Nathan Geyer 

Costume design by Sophie Lincoln  

Poster design by Aphra Pilkington