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Theatre Peckham Youth Board



Aged 14-25? Helping guide our Board of Trustees and management team is our Youth Board. Made up of young people, they represent their peers, raise issues and are fundamental to the charity’s decision making.

Why join our Advisory Board?

Question, Influence, Represent

  • Question – Challenge Theatre Peckham on how to listen to and implement your ideas
  • Influence – Create a platform/safe space for Theatre Peckham to collaborate with and support young people
  • Represent – Be a figurehead for Theatre Peckham its participants, and the local community

Make a real change: You’ll be able to share your ideas and influence real changes within your local area. If you’re tired of being overlooked or having your opinion discounted, then this is the perfect opportunity to have your voice heard.

Develop your skills: You’ll be given training to develop your skills and help you with your role. This could be related to arts engagement, managing budgets, communication/leadership skills, arts administration or anything else in between. Your new skills will boost your confidence and improve your employability.

Future opportunities: You’ll have the opportunity to shape future projects and programming of shows at Theatre Peckham that are of interest to you which you can then take part in/ attend. You’ll also be able to get involved with volunteering opportunities with Theatre Peckham and the wider community.

Find out more on Tuesday 19th October 6.30pm- 8.30pm with our drop in session. This is a chance to chat with our CEO/ Artistic Director Suzann McLean over pizza and share your ideas for the future of Theatre Peckham