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Theatre Peckham’s Grand Reopening: Supported by UK Theatres Trust

As you can imagine, everyone here at Theatre Peckham has been gasping at the idea of being back in the physical building for months now. After long periods of lockdown and the Winter blues behind us, we are very ready to be back in our safe, stagey space. We are also extremely excited to announce that there have been some important improvements made to the building, whilst we have all been busy working from home.

“Thank you Uk Theatres Trust’s for their generous grant of £5000. It has contributed to our brand new sliding doors and automated soap dispensers, making us happy to announce that Theatre Peckham is now a hands free zone! This upgrade massively increases covid safety for everyone who we welcome into the building, and wouldn’t have been possible without your support.” Suzann McLean, Artistic Director

During this refurbishment we have also been able to make our space more inviting and comfortable for those with access requirements, by making room for wheel chair access behind the bar.

We warmly invite you to back to Theatre Peckham! Why not grab a drink whilst you marvel at our beautiful, freshly painted foyer? Come catch up with friends you might not have seen for months, before a show or after a class?

With TP Academy classes starting up again in person on Tues 4th May and some exciting shows scheduled for this summer, we can’t wait to be reunited with our students and audience members very soon! Make sure you’ve booked your limited places in our new socially distanced, covid safe classes and thought about buying tickets to some of our upcoming productions here .

For those who might be job seeking at the moment, keep your eye out for job vacancies at Theatre Peckham which will be posted here WE ARE HIRING and continually looking to grow our team of talented creatives.