Peckham Fringe 2023

Friday 5 May – Sunday 4 June 2023

Theatre Peckham brings you the second annual Peckham Fringe, a festival of dynamic stories and culture.

Peckham Fringe was set-up to offer Artists and Companies the chance to try out something different in a dynamic and supportive setting. 

This year’s Peckham Fringe is curated by Theatre Peckham’s Ambassadors.  

See all of our current productions on our What’s On page.

You can view the full line up below.

I Love Acting, But F**k This Industry (5, 6 & 31 May)

A global pandemic that flipped an industry on its head

That’s Your Friend (9 May)

Black Girl survival guide for university and the life beyond

The Oracle (10-11 May)

Doomsday comedy about predicting the future

A Ribbon Around A Bomb (12 May)

Workshop sharing autistic joy and life / art of Frida


A celebration of West African storytelling, traditional live music, and empowerment of Black youth

Cell Outs (15 – 16 May)

Ex-prison officers expose the reality of life working behind bars

Budgie (15 – 17 May)

A coming-of-age story that explores responsibility and freedom

For One More Day To Live (18 – 19 May)

Mr Devil offers Yusuf one more day to live; in return one thing must disappear from the world.

Peeking In The Dark (19 – 21 May)

Thriller exploring the consequences of entering the hidden online world.

Skate of Mind (20 May)

Bring Your Own Skate for some Roller Disco therapy.

Poetry Foyer (25 May)

Our monthly poetry event returns for a special Fringe edition. Open mic slots available on the door. Tickets FREE.

Pigs Might Fly (24 – 26 May)

A new farmyard musical about the joy of unlikely friendships.

Mammy, Be Grand (27 – 28 May)

Irish womxn propel the oral storytelling tradition forward through verbatim 

Ned (30 – 31 May)

A play about disenfranchised human beings, nostalgia and violence

The Gambit (1 – 2 June)

Is being good or bad an innate, unpunishable force or a decision we freely make with our free will?

Taking It Back (2 – 3 June)

A play following a group of vigilantes who decide to rob British museums of artefacts and return them to the countries that they were taken from.  

Young Producers (4 June)

An insight into the ideas moving centre-stage in contemporary culture